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Why Moving Houses Yourself Is Not a Great Idea

Moving homes is associated with a lot of emotions; the sadness of leaving your home, the fear of a new city, the excitement of a new house, and above all, the anxiety of the entire moving process. There is so much to do when you are moving houses, from packing your clothes and valuable belongings to loading and unloading to settling in the new place.

While you may think that you can do all of it yourself and even save some dollars, you are mistaken. Moving houses is definitely not something you can do or, more precisely, something that you should be doing. Moving houses yourself is not the best idea. Below is a list of reasons why that is so!

1. More Expenses

You might be thinking that you are saving money by not hiring a professional moving company when, in reality, by taking up the job upon yourself, you are actually preparing yourself to incur much higher costs. From the cost of packing materials like boxes and tape to the cost of fuel that will go in making multiple round trips, your move will cost you much more than what a moving company will charge you. Hiring a professional moving company is a much cheaper option than moving houses yourself.

2. Waste of Time

If you think packing up your entire house won’t take time, you’re hugely mistaken. To have everything packed in boxes and ready to be moved, you will have to put in a lot of your personal and work time. By the time you are completely done with packing, you would have spent as much as 50 hours! When you hire professional movers, they do all the work for you while you go on about your regular work routine.

3. Lack of Experience

Packing and loading packed boxes into the vehicle are highly technical jobs. An experienced professional would know how particular items should be packed, how the boxes are to be moved, and how they should be arranged in the vehicle. Your lack of experience may result in some of your valuable items breaking and even causing serious injuries during the process, which is why moving houses yourself is not the best of ideas.

4. Not Enough Man Power

You are going to need many helping hands to move the boxes from your house to the vehicle and from the vehicle to your new house. Even if you manage to ask your friends and neighbors to help you load, you will be at a loss of manpower when you arrive at the new destination. When you hire a professional moving company, you are provided enough labor that is enough to get the job done through and through.

5. Less Security

When you’re loading the boxes in your car, you leave your house unattended, and when you go inside your house to get more boxes, you leave your vehicle unattended. This puts the security of your belongings at a major risk.


When you have to move houses, hiring a professional moving company is the wisest thing to do. Moving houses yourself can be costlier, more time-consuming, and more labor-intensive for you.

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