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What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring A Moving Company

Moving homes is certainly not easy. As much as you’re excited about moving to a new house, the stress of packing things up in your current home might be too overwhelming to handle. There is so much to do that you’re sure to miss a thing or two out, only to realize later what you forgot. The best way to combat the stress of moving homes is by hiring a reliable moving company to help you with your move.

Not all moving companies are as good at the job as they claim to be. You need to be sure that the moving company you’re hiring is the best. You can’t trust any company with your belongings. To be certain that you’re hiring the absolute best moving company, you should ask the following questions before closing the deal with them:

Are You Licensed?

The first question that you should ask a moving company is whether or not they’re licensed. All professional and reliable moving companies hold a valid license that is issued to them by the state department. When a company is licensed, you can rest assured that the authorities have deemed them reliable and suitable for the job. You should only hire a moving company that holds a valid license.

How Experienced Are You?

There is so much involved with moving houses that you can’t learn everything by the book. Only experience can teach you all there is to learn. Therefore, you should not forget to ask the moving company how many years have they been in the field. The more experienced they are, the smoother your move will be. Experienced professionals know exactly how to manage the labor and streamline the tasks involved in the moving to ensure a seamless moving experience for their customers.

Do You Offer Liability Coverage?

Any sort of mishap can happen during the move that nobody can anticipate beforehand. Therefore, before you hire a moving company, ask them if they offer liability coverage in case of an accident or mishap during relocation. You wouldn’t want to bear the loss if any valuable items get lost or break during the move at the hands of the moving company. Make sure that the moving company offers liability coverage and compensation for losses.

Can You Provide a Binding Cost Estimate?

A binding cost estimate means that the final cost on the bill will not exceed the quote that was initially provided. If a company responds by saying that they can’t provide such an estimate, you should look for other options. A non-binding estimate might give you unpleasant surprises at the end of the day, with the final bill exceeding the initial quote. A reliable moving company will be able to provide you with a binding cost estimate without any hesitation.


Hiring a reliable moving company is the wisest thing to do when you’re moving houses. It gives you peace of mind and makes a move a lot less stressful.

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