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Tips To Pack and Move Your Glassware without Breaking When Moving Homes

If you’re planning to move to a new house, one of the biggest challenges that stand in the way is transporting the glassware. You might be worried about breaking the favorite bowl set from your wedding gifts or the wine glasses that you adore so much. While you can pack everything else into moving boxes directly, things are a lot more difficult when it comes to glassware.

Transporting glassware without breaking them isn’t easy, so we won’t tell you otherwise. However, what we’ll tell you is that it might be difficult, but not impossible. You can pack and move all your glassware safely to the new house without breaking any of it. Let’s look at some tips that will help you with moving glassware safely.

1.     Use Packing Paper

Buy packing paper – a lot of it. It can be tissue paper, butcher’s paper, or wrapping sheets. You’ll need a lot of it, as it’s the key to ensuring that your glassware is well-cushioned. Placing packing paper around and in between each glassware will keep it from moving and rattling, which eventually reduces the chances of any of your glass piece breaking. So, the first tip that you need to keep in mind when transporting glassware is to pack all of it in wrapping paper and not directly in the moving boxes.

2.     Line Moving Boxes with Packing Paper

The next tip that’ll ensure safe transporting of your glassware is not putting glassware directly into the moving boxes, even if you’ve wrapped each glassware in packing paper. Always scrunch packing paper and place it on the bottom of the packing box till you don’t feel the bottom. Once you’re sure that you’ve formed a thick layer on the bottom, start placed the glassware piece wrapped individually in packing paper. Also, place loads of scrunched packing paper on the top before sealing the box close.

3.     Wrap the Stemware Carefully

Stemmed glassware can easily break at the stems. Before you wrap your stemware in packing paper, you first need to scrunch packing paper and wrap it around the stem, followed by covering the entire glass in packing paper, such that it resembles a cylinder. This way, your stemware can be transported safely, and not even one piece will break during transportation. We promise!

4.     Use Towels and Linen

Some items, like china porcelain, can be extremely delicate and packing them in packing paper may not be enough for safe transportation. You can use your towels and linen for such highly fragile items. Pack each piece individually in linen or towels. Make a layer with linen on the bottom of the moving box and also on the top. Not to mention that you should stuff linen between individual glassware as well, to provide extra protection from the shock that could possibly break it.


Transporting glassware is challenging. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult tasks when you’re moving homes. If you think the safe transportation of glassware is too much work for you, you can hire a professional moving company to do it all. From packing to transporting, professional movers can do it for you. Now, that sounds convenient!

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