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Furniture Moving Gilbert: When It’s Time to Move, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Sure, fragile decorations, dishes and personal documents can be a pain to package and secure, but you can usually bring them with you to wherever you’re going.

Unless you own multiple moving vans, the same can’t be said for your living room couch, or the king-sized bed.

Not only are these items difficult to lift and carry, each one has different dimensions that necessitate specific packing and transportation requirements.  You may even need specific tools to handle certain strangely proportioned items safely.

The First Name in Furniture Moving Throughout Gilbert, Arizona

At Starfleet Moving, our certified moving staff brings decades of experience and expertise to any furniture moving job.

From antique grandfather clocks, to above-ground-pools we’ve found furniture moving solutions for Arizonans in the Gilbert area for over 20 years.

Once you get in touch and tell our staff exactly which pieces of furniture you need moved, we’ll be able to provide you with detailed instructions for preparing each item for the big move.

When our movers enter the picture, they’ll handle any measurement required and assess whether any of your furniture requires disassembly or specialized equipment, such as dollies, sliders or straps.

What Do We Move? Everything!


From prized family heirlooms to collector’s items. We’ll handle the package and transport of your valuable furniture with the utmost care and attention.

Tables & Desks

Dining room sets, end tables, coffee tables and counters; they’re heavy, cumbersome and surprisingly easy to scratch. But we’ll handle the heavy lifting and make keep your items safe while we do it.

Beds & Mattresses

A good night’s sleep is essential for settling into your new home, and we’ll make sure you get it. From four-posters to singles, foam mattresses to waterbeds; we’ll bring them safely to their destination.

Cupboard and Drawers

As long as you have them emptied out we’ll move them. No broken door hinges, or splinters here. We’ve got dollies and straps to ensure your closets get to their new location in peace, not pieces.

Couches and Sofa Sets

Seating comes in all shapes and sizes but our spacious vans can handle any dimension. We’ll transport your sectionals, divans and ottomans without any undue hassle.

Patio Furniture

Sure, it might not be as expensive as some your other furniture. But we’ll treat it with the same care. Rest assured your deck chairs and sun beds will be ready to set out when you arrive at your new home.