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Moving With Kids – 4 Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving to a new place is stressful – there are no two views about it. Add kids to the picture and you’ll probably be getting anxiety attacks.

Regardless of how far or close your new house is, packing all your stuff, transporting it to your new residence, and then unpacking everything can be an uphill task. Along with all the additional work, you’ll also have to deal with the emotional drama your kids are likely to create after learning about the move. But, you have to be patient and deal with them gently because the idea of leaving their home, their friends, and in many cases, their school too, can be mentally stressful for children and they are likely to give you a hard time. As a parent, you need to understand their emotional state and shouldn’t be harsh with them.

Here are some more tips for a smooth and hassle-free move:

1.  Involve Them in the Process

Involving the children in the entire process is a way to make the move a little exciting for them. You can assign them simple tasks, like wrapping some non-fragile items in bubble wrap or labeling boxes. Also, take their opinion on matters like what color do they want their new room to be painted or how they would like to decorate it.

2.  If They Are Too Young, Pack When They Are Asleep

If you have toddlers, the best thing you can do to avoid any drama and get things done quickly is to pack when they are asleep. This particularly applies to when you have to pack their stuff. But, make sure you leave a few of their toys out, so they have something to play with.

3.   Start Earlier Than You Think Is Reasonable

With kids around, things are highly likely to not go as planned. So, do not delay anything till the last moment and start early; in fact, earlier than you think is enough. What if your child falls sick or gets too grumpy? Therefore, make sure you are not time-constrained in any way.

4.     Pack a Moving-Day Bag

Whether it is your toddler’s favorite teddy or your ten-year-old’s Nintendo that they don’t want to leave even for a day or the real important stuff like clothes and toothbrushes, pack a moving-day bag for you each of your children.

Hire a Professional Mover Instead!

Does the idea of doing countless tasks with kids sound impossible? Let the professionals do it because there are no brownie points for putting yourself through all that extra trouble.

Search for a reputable moving company, such as Starfleet Moving, and let them take care of your belongings while you cater to your kids’ emotional needs.


Moving is stressful – there are no two views about it. Add kids to the picture and you’ll probably be getting anxiety attacks. The blog post discusses some simple tips that will help make your move a lot easier and smoother.

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