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Thinking About Moving To Arizona? Let Us Convince You

Thinking About Moving To Arizona? Let Us Convince You

Moving to Arizona is one of the best choices you could make. If you have the option, take it! Now yes, we’ll agree, we might just be a little biased… We’re a moving company working all around the Valley. You might be surprised to hear that we actually have team members who were born and raised in this state, with all the people who have been moving to Arizona in the last few decades. We’re sure you know our opinion already–Arizona is one of, if not the most beautiful, fun, and thriving states to move to in the US!


The natural beauty, just a part of moving to Arizona

If you’ve heard anything about Arizona, it was probably our beautiful outdoors! Yes, we know it’s hot… But a quick two hour drive north of Phoenix will have you in chilly mountains of Flagstaff. Head the same distance west to hit Lake Havasu City, with beach weather for those spring boating trips–or you can stay at any lake near the Valley, like Saguaro or Lake Pleasant! In Arizona, you’ll get to enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year, and pleasant winters. The views here are unlike anywhere else; keep in mind, there isn’t anything like the Grand Canyon elsewhere on Earth! You’ll never see natural cacti like those in Arizona… And even our storms are pretty! A 20 minute haboob is a spectacular sight to see, and it could never be as dangerous as a hurricane or tornado hitting another state.


Fun outdoor activities, enjoy the 48th state for what it provides us

Now how do you enjoy all this pretty land laid out for Arizona residents and visitors? There are plenty of ways! Head up north and into the forests of Payson for a camping trip, you’ll need to sit around a campfire as soon as the sun goes down! Speaking of, our colorful and mural-esque sunsets are something you’ll never want to miss. We have some of the most awe inspiring waterfalls, and plenty of natural swimming locations, like floating the Salt River, if all of the pools covering the Valley aren’t your thing. Hike the mountains all around Phoenix, like Camelback, Piestewa Peak, and South Mountain. You can also take that day-trip up north, where–shocker–we have snow! You can ski the winter away in Snow Bowl… But maybe you just want to relax… Phoenix has purple mountains all around, 360°, so take a seat and enjoy the view.


We have less-active, relaxing, indoor activities as well

Like sports? Support the Cardinals, get tickets to Spring Training games, or go to a golf or tennis tournament regularly held here in Arizona. We have hotels, casinos, spas, and nightlife for those big events, nights out, or “staycations” (See! It’s so pleasant here, we take vacations in our own backyard!) Arizona has massive music and arts scenes, you’ll find murals on the sides of our buildings and massive concert events that no other states have ever seen. You may not expect this next one, especially being a young state, but Arizona is rich history. We have plenty of different cultures represented here, well-preserved buildings and pieces of history, and some wonderful museums that show it all off. Come here and learn! Finally, the most important part in our opinion–the amazing food and restaurants here, but you won’t know until you try… Enough said.


It’s a great place to thrive, grow, and raise a family

Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, is the fifth largest city in the United States. You be surprised how many massive companies have locations and projects based here, employing thousands of our residents. After all, ASU was rated #1 in innovation by US News, compared to all other US universities, so you can see why businesses have the ability to flourish here–using our creative atmosphere and our bright young minds. There are also countless, very affordable, homes near the Phoenix area. Is the city a little too loud for you? Our smaller, quiet, neighborhood communities like Chandler, Gilbert, and Queen Creek would be perfect for you and your family. Gilbert has been popping up on various lists of “best US cities to raise a family” for years now.


Maybe now you can see why we feel the way that we do about Arizona. It is a gorgeous state, with an answer to every need you could imagine. It is a huge mix of different styles and customs, for all lifestyles. Naturally beautiful, and made even better by it’s communities, moving to Arizona is a wonderful option. If you’re thinking about moving here, or you’re a lucky Arizona resident moving to a new city, give us a call! You can also fill out our moving request form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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