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Moving into a Small Apartment: Storage Solutions for Tiny Homes

Planning to shift to a new state?

Dreading the upcoming hectic schedule? Moving, in general, can be a hassle. There are so many things you need to do such as double and triple-checking items that can go missing and protecting your furniture from damage.

However, moving out of state can be a huge pain.

Making the general difficulties of moving worse are the legal requirements that need to be considered. And if you are thinking of moving to a big city, you need to lower your expectations of finding an affordable, spacious place.

Shifting into a small apartment might be the only option available to you. One thing that often plagues homeowners is the thought of fitting all their belongings in a small space. How can you manage your storage better?

Storage Options for Small Spaces

You need to know how to utilize every bit of space effectively, while making sure your house looks aesthetically pleasing. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can manage to achieve both aims.

Multipurpose Bed

Think about investing in a multifunctional bed. It would ideally serve as both a comfortable and stylish bed and a large storage option. You can either buy a bed with built-in storage or design an under-the-bed storage drawer. Alternatively, you can have a slide-out shelf behind your bed’s headboard.

Vertical Spaces

Walls are often underutilized storage spaces in small homes. Decorate the bare walls with colorful hooks and rods to hang items. Install coordinating shelves to display your books and decoration pieces. The primary wall in a room is the perfect place for a floor-to-ceiling storage shelf.

Sometimes, people who live in small apartments and cycle to work choose to store their cycle on a wall rack. It makes for a unique decorating idea and utilizes walls effectively. Vertical storage also comes in handy inside bathrooms. Simple wall racks next to the bathtub can hold bathroom items, such as candles and small, potted plants, for visual appeal.

Double-Duty Furniture

Just like your bed, your furniture items can serve multiple purposes. Invest in storage stools, convertible sofas, storage coffee tables, decorative storage trunks, floating desks, folded dining tables, and other items. Plan a theme beforehand and shop for matching items. This way, you’ll also save up on money that is usually wasted on large furniture items and their accessories.

Hanging Shelves and Sliding Drawers

Installing hanging shelves inside built-in cabinets (inside the kitchen and bathroom) gives you the option of extra space and neat organization. There’s no need to stack a just few items haphazardly. Similarly, adding sliding drawers in the large cabinet space beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks is an affordable way to increase storage space.



Small apartments, though cozy, come with the drawback of less storage space. You can use a bunch of inexpensive storage hacks such as multipurpose beds, double-duty furniture, and vertical storage options to make use of space effectively.

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