Frequently Asked Questions

Moving charges are calculated by truck size, labor, man power and miles/distanced traveled. Every client and move is unique. Your best bet is to give us a call regarding your move. The more details we have the better estimate we can give you.

In most cases yes. These items require extra attention and care. They also require additional man power and equipment to move them. Loading and unloading them generally required more time as well. We can give you a fairly accurate quote if you give us a call with additional details.

Yes! We realize that our employees will be moving in and out of your home or business. We also understand the concern that may bring to some people. All our employees have clean records and have been certified and trained as professional movers. Rest assured our men our honest and polite in their dealings.

Yes and yes. We can supply and pack but all of this will come at additional costs. We do ask that if you want us to pack your boxes for you that all the items are put in piles for us to load. We will not pack your house up if nothing has been done on your part. Make sure all your items are in piles for us and we can take care of the rest.

Yes. When we move your items, especially more fragile items, we make sure they are well padded and wrapped when moving them. We also carry insurance just in case something breaks upon moving. Your in good hands with Starfleet Moving.

Very! We are the leading and go to moving company in the Arizona Valley. With over 20 years in moving experience you can rest assured that no one will do a better job than Starfleet Moving. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

Occasionally we do offer specials. You will have to check either on our website or ask us over the phone. We do offer military and senor citizen discounts of 5% off your total costs.

Unfortunately we do not offer a storage service for our customers. We do however have recommendations on reliable storage units around the Arizona Valley. Give us a call to get more information.

Yes. Starfleet Moving wants to make sure that everyone is protected. Especially our customers. Your move is fully protected just in case something does happen to harm or damage your furniture or items when moving.

The best way to reduce your moving costs is to make sure you have everything prepared to be moved before our arrival. Moving costs and labor will always be a lot more if the customer is un-prepared for our workers to move you. Again make sure your items are ready and organized, house is clean and that we have clear access from your home or business to our moving truck.

We specialize in moving primarily in the Phoenix Metropolitan areas and surrounding cities. We are based out of Gilbert, Arizona so we love moving our customers on the east valley. Regardless we cover and move everywhere in Arizona so give us a call and we can get you moved to wherever you need to go!

Awesome! It’s simple. Either give us a call or request service via our online form. We will get all the additional details and set up a time and date to get your move on!.