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Assisted Living Moving Checklist

Assisted Living Moving Checklist

The time has finally come for your old loved one to move to an assisted living facility and with that requires a assisted living moving checklist! With that being said, expect that your time will be a little bit occupied now because of the many preparations that you need to make. Your loved one needs your support and you should be there to assist her as she transitions into another phase in life.

To be honest, moving to an assisted living facility can be overwhelming. That is why you should be there to assist your loved one anytime, especially when it comes to making decisions about his or her belongings. Despite of it all, there are some good effects moving can bring to your loved one. Aside from encouraging independence, it will be a good time for her to experience freedom. In other words, staying in an assisted living facility is not going to be as hard as it seems. Your loved one will be able to carry out her daily tasks with proper guidance and supervision. But then of course, you need to make sure that she has all the things she needs so she can carry all her tasks smoothly. Don’t forget to bring the following:


Don’t forget to bring the bed, the sofa, or even the nightstand that your loved one has been keeping for many years. Whatever memorable furniture she has, make sure that they are included in your list. Don’t also forget to bring the kitchenware, framed pictures, and keepsakes because these can make her stay more convenient and enjoyable. In Mesa, Arizona, we have helped a lot of families and seniors packed up their things in a neat and organized manner, and we want to do the same thing for you if you are staying in one of our target cities in Arizona. Our team is able to deliver these items with extra care to your loved one’s new facility.


To make them feel comfy throughout the day, make sure that the clothes they like to wear daily are not forgotten. We can pack the clothes in a neat way so that when they arrived to the facility, they are not crumpled or squashed.


Toiletries are a necessity, so there is no way that these will be forgotten in your list. Toiletries come in different sizes, and we are to help you pack them all and label them in different categories so your loved one will not get confused the moment she uses any of them. Our hard working team in Queen Creek, Arizona can do organizing and labeling toiletries perfectly in a way that is convenient and suitable to your loved one’s preferences.

Other necessities

You know your old loved one better, so you know what appliances, items, devices, and books to include in the list to keep her stay comfy and entertaining. These items, no matter how large they are, can be brought safely to the assisted living facility using our equipment, manpower, and skills in moving. We want to make sure that we are of great help to you from the moment we begin planning for it until the time your loved one finally arrives in her new home.

That’s about it for our assisted living moving checklist! We are team of moving experts that will not only keep all belongings safe and secure during transfers, but will also help in arranging them the moment they arrived in their new location. One of our target cities is Chandler, Arizona, but if you are living in other cities like Gilbert, Arizona, we can also be there to help you. Feel free to message us here and let us know which city you are in, and we will respond to you right away.

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