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6 Tips for an Eco-friendlier Moving Process

6 Tips for an Eco-friendlier Moving Process

Moving is something most Americans have gone through. Moving homes can be tiresome, whether you are moving within the city or moving to another state altogether. Moving frequently can also have a significant impact on the environment. Packing all your belongings in boxes, transporting them to a new location and setting up the new home can all add to your carbon footprint. However, you can reduce this harmful environmental impact with some careful planning.

Let’s look at some tips for eco-friendly moving below.

Use Containers You Already Possess

Boxes and containers are an essential requirement when moving. Start using all the containers and boxes you possess to pack your belongings. These include suitcases, duffel bags, tote and grocery bags, and plastic bins. You can also store your bathroom supplies in trash bags. By doing this, you will have to purchase lesser boxes. You can also keep your belongings in drawers of furniture you possess and are moving.

You can also store boxes you receive when shopping online. These boxes can be stored in your garage and used as needed when you move.

Purchase Used Boxes

Other tips for eco-friendly moving include reusing cardboard boxes. You can either purchase or rent these boxes. This helps lessen waste as you don’t need to purchase new boxes. If someone you know has recently moved, you can request to take their cardboard boxes and use them a second time. You can also search for free used cardboard boxes in the neighbourhood or online. Ask your nearby grocery and retail stores where to get cardboard boxes.

Improvise Your Packing Materials

You often pack delicate items in plastic or bubble wrap to prevent breakage. Instead of buying plastic wrap, you can improvise with items you already have. This can include towels, T-shirts or jackets, linen and even blankets. If you still require plastic to wrap fragile items, do recycle the plastic once used.

Only Keep Items You Need

Moving is a great time to eliminate everything you don’t need. Only keep the items you genuinely require and will use. What you don’t need can be recycled, donated or disposed of. When packing, gather everything you don’t need in three piles. These should be the recycling pile, the donation pile and the disposing pile. This will surely lighten your possessions, and packing will be easier.

Pack Your Kitchen Step by Step

Always pack your kitchen last and move step by step. Pack the items you are least likely to use first. This includes glassware and fancy things. Pack the dishes and utensils you use the most at the end. This way, you won’t have to use plastic cups and plates to get by.

Limit the Number of Trips

When you own lesser possessions, you will naturally require more secondary trips. But even then, avoid going back and forth and let the moving company shift everything together on the planned moving day. More individual trips will require more fuel, affecting the environment.

Concluding Thoughts

Moving can indeed be tricky! But if you plan well and are organized, you can smooth your move. Shifting does not have to be detrimental to the environment either. Follow the above-listed steps for a cleaner action.

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