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5 Challenges of Out-of-State Moving

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Leaving your old house is extremely stressful. The stress gets multiplied by several folds if you’re moving to a home located in another state! Changing cities is exciting and exhilarating but also super-stressful. Apart from challenges that await you in the new state, another major challenge on hand is the actual moving process.

If you’re considering moving to a new state for your job or to be near your parents or kids, you should have a clear picture of what possible challenges you’ll come across so that you’re sure you’re up for it.

We have listed some of the biggest challenges that you’re likely to encounter when you’re moving out of the state!

1. Managing Your Budget

The first challenge that you’ll be facing is managing your budget. Moving to a new state means you need a new house. The cost of the house and the agent’s charges are the first significant expenses that await you in the process. It is advisable to visit the new state a few times to look at potential areas and houses to live so that you’ve got a rough idea of what your budget should be. Another significant factor that you shouldn’t forget to include in the budget is the cost of moving, including the labor cost for packing and unpacking and the cost of moving truck.

2. Actual Moving Process

The moving process itself is extremely challenging. From packing your belongings to loading them into the truck and ensuring that nothing gets damaged during the process might be too much for some people. Hiring a professional moving company can make this part of the out-of-state moving easier for you by taking care of everything, from packing to loading to unloading to unpacking!

3. Setting Up the New Home

Once you’re past the stress of moving, the next challenge is to set up the new home from scratch. Setting the furniture, doing the walls, arranging the kitchen, and missing your new home now and then is definitely not easy. Out-of-state moving is a lot more difficult because you’re not only trying to get accustomed to the new house but to the new state as well.

4. Understanding New Neighborhood

If you’ve have been living in your old house for a considerable amount of time, you will face a hard time understanding and getting comfortable in your new neighborhood. From being used to seeing familiar faces every morning, out-of-state moving brings you to a place where you don’t know anybody, which can become a source of severe homesickness.

5. Mixed Feelings

While you can bring yourself to get used to the new house, new neighborhood, and the new state, you’ll struggle with your feelings for a very long time. The episodes of nostalgia and the temptation to go back to your friends will make out-of-state moving one of the most challenging decisions of your life.


Out-of-state moving may sound fun and exciting, but what nobody tells you is the challenges that come with it. Hire a professional out-of-state moving company to make the process a little less challenging!

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