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4 Tips for Moving Furniture

The time for moving out has finally come. You are now moving into a new house which means that you have to start the process of moving your valuable items from your current place to the new one.

The process of moving is both tiring and challenging. While living in your house, you don’t realize the huge number of big items you own that need to be carefully transported to your house.

It is a given that you are considering to hire a moving company to ease your moving in process. But, you have equally divided the moving out process between you and the company. While the company is responsible for carefully dismantling and transporting your big items like a bed or a piano to your new place, you have decided to take small items on your own.

If this is how you have planned to carry out things, we are here to share some amazing tips with you that will help you move your furniture.

1. Tools to Assist Moving

Even though the furniture item that you are considering to move looks light, you shouldn’t undermine the weight of any product. In that case, it is better to get plastic sliders to place under furniture legs. This will make it even more easier for you to carefully move the items.

2. Be Careful of Your Furniture and Doorway

It is highly likely that while moving the furniture, you bump into the doorway, or, your furniture gets scratched, or you hurt yourself. The solution to this problem lies in moving blankets that act like a safety pad for your furniture. The blanket can be attached to the furniture to pad them while moving. This means that your furniture will remain safe during the transit as well and you don’t have to deal with the trauma of seeing your crystal glass set shattering into pieces.

3. Lighten the Load

Regardless of how strong you are, you cannot lift the furniture since you are not in the habit of carrying heavyweight items. When you are moving an item, make sure to reduce the load as much as possible. If an item has detachable parts, remove them to make the handling easier. If you are moving a wardrobe or a bookshelf, consider emptying them before moving them. In the same manner, if you are removing the sofa set, remove the cushion to make the process easier.

4. Steer Clear of Dangerous Area

For your own safety, don’t risk moving the furniture down the staircase. Regardless of how lightweight the furniture is, when you are moving it down the staircase, you are always at risk of serious injury. If you cannot avoid staircases, it is best to let the experts handle the moving out process.


The above mentioned tips are for those who are looking to move light furniture items. In case of heavy or big items, we recommend you call the professionals from a certified moving company.

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